"Robin is an incredibly professional, even-keeled, and kind individual who is an asset to any production as an administrator or an artist.  Every process needs someone as grounded and focused as she is.


I have had the pleasure of working with Robin in production and event settings and she excels in both. Her attention to detail, strong sense of aesthetics and desire for excellence come together in a polished, driven, professional capable of transforming spaces and stages to the delight of audiences and guests.

Robin stands out as a leader for her consistently strong direction, resourcefulness and ability to view challenges with a larger scope.  She never shies away from challenge and I am consistently impressed by her ever expanding set of skills that seems to grow each time she attaches herself to a project.

I wholeheartedly recommend her without pause.


I have worked with Robin on many projects over the past several years. On top of her accomplished artistic resume, Robin's greatest strength is her ability to maintain leadership while making every artist in the room feel that their input is valuable and has been carefully considered and heard.

Kimberly Pannell

Robin presents herself in a very professional manner, while still maintaining an approachable air, making her both easy to work with and easy to like.


Robin naturally becomes a vital part of any project that she works on, bringing a wide range of practical and technical knowledge and experience, a keen eye for details as well as a firm grip on overarching goals, and a pleasant, thoughtful disposition. While Robin's skill set and experience are particularly relevant to theatrical projects, she is extremely useful in almost any context. Her intelligence and resourcefulness consistently allow her to elevate and enhance the quality any kind of deliverable.